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The Institute for Ludology offers its services to all companies, institutions and organizations. A specific range of services is addressed to the game industry and game publishers.

Ludology Services

How do we do that? As a subdomain of game studies, ludology focusses on digital games because these feature the biggest combination of different elements of play. Nonetheless, ludology also refers to insights about games in general and conducts foundational research on related topics. Our insights help raise questions concerning various aspects of digital games but as well as issues regarding the application of ludological knowledge, which can be broadly divided into the following main areas:

Games: design, mechanics, machine

  • Design and mechanics of games (gameplay and game design)
  • Design and mechanics of virtual worlds
  • Functionalities of artificial intelligence
  • Game development, game testing, game evaluation

Games: Impact and Significance

  • Socio-cultural relevance of digital games
  • Individual-psychological meaning of digital games
  • Impact research

Games: Transdisciplinary research and application

  • Strategic Management
  • Organizational theory
  • Management theory (ludological management)
  • Conception of e-Government & e-Democracy strategies
  • Political management

The Institute for Ludology investigates all of those issues and transfers the insights into transdisciplinary application. What can we learn from games or by using games in other contexts? Which learnings are helpful to address specific organizational and managerial issues in today’s companies, institutions and organizations?

Our aspirations encompass a transdisciplinary research approach and culminates in actionable guidance applicable to internal and external communications of institutions and companies, their organizational culture and structure, their human resource management, recruiting processes as well as to product or service design.


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